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How to Get Kids Paint Out of Carpet Fast?

How to Get Kids Paint Out of Carpet

Most parents know that if their kids spill color on the floor, they can usually just mop it up. But what happens when you try to get it out of the carpet?

If you can’t get the paint or other spilled substance out of the carpet, you’ll have to rip up the entire thing. That’s no fun!

Let’s say you have a kid’s paint stain on your living room carpet that you can’t get out of. Now you are wondering how to get kids paint out of carpet in some few steps in the home?

Well, don’t worry! The solution to this problem can be found in this article, and you can do it quite easily.

Get Kids Paint Out of Carpet: Things to Know Before You Start

Ready to take care of the paint stains? Here are some tips that can help you to get rid of this mess.

1. What type of paint are you cleaning

Water-based paint and oil-based paint are often used for different purposes. Which is water paint, latex paint or oil paint are usually clear on the labels so you can find it out easily.

So before you start your carpet cleaning process, make sure to know which kind of paint has left behind the stain.

2. Know how to prevent damage to your carpet

Make sure to conduct a spot test before cleaning up any paint or stain on your floors. If you use too much product, it can easily soak into the carpet backing and cause damage. It should never be applied directly to the carpet.

Make sure to wear gloves when using these products to avoid transferring color to the carpet. Always remember to wear proper safety gear and ventilation equipment during the process of cleaning.

3. Types of carpet

When it comes to carpets, there are two types: stain-resistant and stain-proof. Stain-resistant carpets have a built-in repellent and protect against permanent stains. They are great for areas like stairs and entryways.

How to Get Kids Paint Out of Carpet: Wet Paint & Dry Paint

Why is it that kids seem to always end up getting paint on the carpet when they’re finished painting? Well, there is a solution for you! Here’s how you can solve the problem in an easy, effective way:

How to Get Rid of Wet Paint

When a paint spill happens, you’ll probably start blotting or scrubbing. That is not a good idea, as it will only make the paint more difficult to remove. You should follow some steps to remove the wet paint from the stained area completely!

Step 1: Soak the Color with Dry Towel

When the color is still wet, soak the color with a dry towel or you can use tissue or a clean cloth. It will absorb most of the colors from the carpet.

Step 2: Spray Stain Remover

Spray some stain remover on the color and then gently wipe the color with a tissue. It will help the color to fade away more.

Step 3: Pour Hot Water and Vaccum It

Pour some hot water on the color stain of your carpet. Then vacuum it with a soap vac until the color is completely gone!

Now you have a carpet without any color stains on it!

How to Get Rid of Dried Paint?

Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before using any of the following methods to remove the paint:

Method 1: Use Putty Knife 

Sometimes it’s possible to pick the dried excess paint off of your carpet with a sharp edge like a putty knife. If you want to break up the paint, you will need to scrub it with a dry rag. It’s a good idea to finish by vacuuming up any dry bits of paint.

Method 2: Use Powdered Tide

Powdered Tide comes with the built-in enzyme to naturally break down and remove stains.  It is so effective that it’s often used as a stain remover.

Before getting started, you’ll need some simple materials, such as a sponge or rag, a bowl of warm water, liquid detergent, and dish soap. Now, here’s how to get started: first, you need to make a very diluted mixture of one teaspoon of the powdered tide to one cup of very hot water.

While you can use any brand of Tide, we recommend using powder because the liquid tends to dissolve too slowly in some spots, making it difficult to work with. Second, gently rub the mixture onto your stain. This will lift the stain out of the fabric and onto your sponge or rag. Third, rinse the area until the stain is gone.

Method 3: Use Carpet Spot Remover

Carpet spot removers are not toxic and do not leave behind unpleasant smells or residue that can cause harm to children. They are easy to use and can remove carpet spots almost instantly.

Folex works as a great carpet stain remover. Its powerful cleaning power can remove a variety of messes, including stains, pet stains, red wine, grease, crayon, ink, glue, and more.

Method 4: Use Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) can help you remove old, dried-on paint stains from the carpet. Simply dampen a paper towel and soak the stain for a few minutes, and then gently wipe it off with a dry cloth.

After that give your carpet a second, third, and fourth cleaning. This allows the alcohol to penetrate into the carpet fiber and then allows the solvent to dry. You should be seeing a few bubbles appear. Now that most of the paint is gone, a light cleanse with a detergent-based cleaner or a spot remover might be in order.

Method 5: Use Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Acetone is the main ingredient in acetone nail polish removers. They break down the dried paint and work as a paint stain removal.

Dabbing the cleaning cloth with acetone is one of the best ways to dissolve the paint stain quickly without causing any further damage to the surface of the floor or carpet. Don’t use too much acetone as it can be a little flammable! Once you’ve removed all of the acetone, allow the carpet to dry completely before steam cleaning or vacuuming.

Method 6: Use WD-40

This comes in the form of a spray lubricant and is excellent at breaking down certain spills such as paint. Generously spray the affected area of your carpet with WD-40 and allow it to sit for up to 25 minutes. It will help to remove the carpet stain.


Q.1 Can you use vinegar to clean the paint stain from the carpet?

Ans: Yes you can use vinegar to clean the paint stain from the carpet. First, add a few drops of dish detergent to one cup of water and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the mixture. Apply the mixture with a brush and allow the vinegar to sit for several minutes. If the stain does not come out, repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Q.2 What kind of carpet stain remover is best?

Ans: For a soft surface like carpet, a stain-removing solution designed for rugs is going to be your best bet. For all types of carpets, read the directions carefully to find out what type of carpet you have and what type of stain-remover you need.


The best way to clean up a stained area of carpet is with a simple, household solution: cold water. You need to use only cold water and not let it sit. Coldwater will evaporate the stain more quickly and leave the carpet feeling dry and clean.

Use a scrub brush and soap on the spots that won’t come out with cold water. If you have hard-to-remove spots, try rubbing them with toothpaste, salt, or baking soda.

If you are unable to remove stains, read this article thoroughly and try to follow the steps and methods to get rid of the stain from the carpet!

How to Get Kids Paint Out of Carpet Fast?

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